How to find Skylab Studio

Finding Skylab Studio can be a little bit tricky…


Mainly because if you follow your sat nav for the last bit you’ll end up in the housing estate next door!

So how about I talk you through finding us step by step…

Step 1: look out for the Ferdinand St junction…

Basically if you are coming from Chalk Farm or Camden tube station walk down or up (from Camden) Chalk Farm Road and keep a look out for the Ferdinand St junction. You absolutely can’t miss this as the corner junction is landmarked by Morrison’s petrol station, a pub called the Camden Assembly and a cocktail bar that has an awesome Carmen Miranda type mural on the wall. See pictures below…

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 16.29.44

Step 2: Look out for our alley way…

When you hit this junction go up Ferdinand St and keep your eyes peeled for our alley way on the left with a Skylab sign. It’s immediately after the Chinese takeaway called Anise. Btw if you’ve come from Kentish Town West station you’ll be looking out for this on your right (the sign is pretty small on this side – but if you miss it and hit Chalk Farm Rd you’ll know you’ve gone too far).

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 16.42.25

Step 3: Look out for the neon Skylab letters…

Go down this alley way and before you hit the archway at the end take a right turn (you’ll see another Skylab sign at this point) keep going and then take a left. You will then see some neon Skylab letters and the stairway to the studio. Go up the stairs and ta dah… You made it!

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 16.38.43

Click here if you want to see a quick time lapse video of what I just talked you through.

If it’s the first time coming to Skylab probably best if you leave an extra 10 mins or so to figure the route out – if you arrive early it’s not a problem. You are always most welcome to come and have a stretch or chill out on our sofa.

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