Welcome to Skylab Studio.

We believe that fitness should be awe-inspiring not a punishment. If you want a workout that is challenging and motivating that you can’t wait to do, then you are in the right place . We teach the breathtaking skill of aerial dance which is absolutely amazing to watch and even more fun to do.

Expert teachers

All of our teachers are totally passionate not only about aerial dance itself but also about teaching. They are all circus performers in their own right and totally dedicated to sharing their knowledge with you in the safest, most fun way possible.

Fabulous studio

We have a gorgeous, centrally located studio (right in the heart of Camden Town) fully equipped with 6 rigging points, hoops, silks, hammocks, pull up bars, mirrors and crash mats. Everything you need to get you going in aerial.

Awesome community

Join our course and you will also join our wonderful, friendly community of like minded people all positively inspired to learn aerial. This is an amazing environment to be amongst and we look forward to welcoming you to the Skylab family. #aerialbadass


We believe that there is an aerial dancer in every single one of you out there. All it takes are the right teachers, the right environment and the right community to help you discover the aerial potential within you. Come to Skylab and discover new ways to challenge yourself, get fitter and more flexible than you have ever felt before and learn the breathtaking skill of aerial dance.


No more boring workouts – because we teach you kick ass tricks! Develop strength and flexibility like you have never known before and do things you thought were impossible. Join our friendly community and awesome team of teachers who will support you every single step of the way.

What We Offer.


If you just want to come and try this stuff out to see what aerial is like then our Aerial Taster class is perfect for you. We'll get you started with the basics of hoop and silks and you can see where to go from there.


We teach 4 Week Aerial Hoop and Silks courses for beginners to advanced levels.
And for any younger members aged 13 - 16 there's a Youth Group too.


We also have a range of Drop-in classes so that you can work on your fitness and flexibility. Plus Air Time sessions so you can come and practice all you've learnt.


Then we also have our exciting quarterly Showcases so you can perform your new routines, show off to all your friends or come and be inspired by our amazing students.