aerial newbie

The how‘s and what if’s you want to ask…

Starting out as an aerial newbie can be very exciting but maybe a little daunting at the same time and you may have a whirlwind of questions going round in your head... Well fear not my friend because here I'll do my best to answer them!

1. How strong do I need to be? A very good question indeed. I'm not going to lie - you do need strength in order to get up on the equipment. We lift our full body weight off the floor and if you've not done body weight training this can be tough at the start. Ideally you would need to be able to do a pull up. However we know that not every one can do this, so do not freak out as there will be plenty of conditioning exercises at the start of every class to get you stronger. Plus if you need extra strength building, then there are always our Pop Fit classes, which are designed to help fast track your strength. See here for more info on Pop FIt.

2. I'm afraid of heights so is this a problem? Absolutely not as we start your training from the floor. The stronger you get and the more used to the height, the less fear you will have until it will not be such an issue. Thus doing aerial is a great way to conquer your fear! And even for the most professional aerialist there's always a little bit of fear, which is why we get the adrenaline rush and why aerial is such a thrill to do. When I started I was afraid of being off the floor but when my strength developed and I realised I could trust my body and it's capabilities, a new confidence and ease with being at height established itself.

3. What if I won't be able to do it? Again do not worry because we have very experienced teachers who know exactly how to break the moves down so that even the slowest learners can pick things up. There is always something for everyone. We all learn at different speeds and teachers know this and will help you with wherever you are at.

4. I'm not flexible at all so should I do aerial? The more flexible you are the better you will look in the air (fact) but that's not what it's all about. It's more about having fun first and then once you love aerial you can start to work on developing better flexibility. Not being flexible will not stop you from being able to do it. Even the most un flexible person can do aerial, just perhaps not the super flexible shapes, but there are plenty of other moves to work on though that don't rely on flexibility.

5. I'm worried I'll be terrible at it and look silly. Do not worry about looking silly - as we all look a bit silly at first when we're trying the new moves out! It's really not about what we look like - it's more about getting into it and giving it a go that counts.

6. What if I can't do it and hold the class up. No need to worry about this either - everyone learns at different speeds and it is the teacher's job to control the class. So if someone needs extra time they will be given more time and extra assistance while the rest of the class works on something else. If it really becomes a problem we will suggest that they have a private lesson to help them catch up, or to maybe drop down a level so as to work in a group that is more appropriate to their level.

7. What if I don't feel well on the day of class? This is a problem as you shouldn't do aerial if you are feeling unwell in anyway, as this is not only dangerous but could lead to injury. Aerial requires a lot of energy so it is better to skip the class and use the energy on getting better. Always better to be safe than sorry.

8. I'm super excited about doing aerial and can't wait to start. What should I be doing to prepare? I would say sit ups, leg raises, press ups and pull ups! Obviously the stronger you are the better so if you're enthusiastic then start right away working on your conditioning. Especially on a pull up bar as this relates very closely to doing aerial. Or alternatively come to our Pop Fit class and we'll show you all the moves you can do to prep ready for aerial.

9. I have hyper mobility is this a problem for aerial? Yes and no. You can still do aerial but you must be very careful with it, as it may mean you won't be able to do some of the moves others can (depending on where the hyper mobility is). Please let the teacher know and she/he will be able to monitor you and help you work on strengthening the muscles around the effected joints.

10. What age groups can do aerial? We teach adults 18 - 40 years mainly but if you're older that's ok too! It's about having the enthusiasm to do it that counts. We also have a youth group for ages 12 - 16 years.

If you have any more questions please do let me know and I'm only too happy to help just pop an email to me here.