Check out the Coolest Circus Shows in town

I love a good recommendation for a show so here are my top five fave circus shows of the summer!

So if you fancy getting a bit of inspiration and a good night out I would definitely recommend the following...

Down Under Circus at the Aeronaut


Check out Empress Stah - (one of our very own teachers) perform in her own date night circus cabaret. I've been to see it and can vouch that it's a super fun night full of tongue in cheek humour, badass circus acts and crazy circus freaks!... Definitely a go to circus treat...

Set to a rockin’ Aussie soundtrack, the show features some of the world’s best Circus Artists & Sideshow Freaks, doing their thing to songs from ACDC, Nick Cave, INXS, The Divinyls, Xanadu and more.

World champion pole dancers, fire eaters, contortionists, human blockheads and aerialists, lead the charge, but it wouldn’t be truly Australian without a few games, so we bring you Prosecco Pong for your involvement.

For more info and booking click here.

Only one performance left to go on 20th July which will be a daytime BBQ event so don't miss out!

Jackie Le performing at Walthamstow Garden Party


For the Jackie Le fans in the house there is a free festival happening on 13th and 14th July in Walthamstow called the Walthamstow Garden Party where Jackie will be performing...

It's always great to see people you actually know perform - and they love it too! So if you fancy a great day out at a local festival then check it out...

More info here.

Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Bridge

Showing 22nd June - 31st July at The Bridge Theatre

I've heard this show is brilliant - and for those of you that like a bit of aerial it has an amazing strap act apparently!

The theatre becomes the forest – a dream world of flying fairies, contagious fogs and moonlight revels. The seating is wrapped around the action while the immersive tickets allow the story to be followed on foot.

For more info and booking click here.

Transit at the Underbelly


This show is AWESOME - I've been to see it and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! It's a high energy show full of comedy and high class circus skill sets... so I was either giggling or gasping all the way through it. This is not on for much longer so go see it quick!!

Flip Fabrique return to London’s South Bank in high-flying style with their latest work Transit. Joyous free-playing, high concept theatrics and an array of first-class circus skills, this is the Quebecois company doing what it does best.

Heart-stopping aerial routines, world-class acrobatics and tramp-walls that have you feeling like the performers may well end up in your lap, this high-octane ride will have you gripping the edge of your seat.

Full of rowdy camaraderie and hard-earned rapport, Transit delves deep into the life of its troupe; the ups and downs of touring, the friendship and fun of being together, and even the transient nature of life itself.

For more info and booking see here.

Little Death Club at the Underbelly


Welcome to the darkest, funniest and most debauched kabarett club this side of Berlin!

Following a smash-hit run at the Edinburgh Fringe, über-award-winning kabarett superstar Bernie Dieter and her travelling family of misfits, miscreants and fantastic freaks are back for an unmissable night in the Spiegeltent.

A gin soaked, Weimar-punk jazz band, breathtaking circus and fire-breathing sideshows - this is kabarett at its most inappropriate and provocative. A drag queen draped across the bar, a morose mime drowning his sorrows in a bottle of red, and a bearded lady dancing in the shadows as Bernie sips her gin and surveys her club and her prey.

There is no fourth wall, no rules, and no seat is safe in this dark and defiant den of iniquity. Welcome to the Little Death Club where you can be whoever you want to be...

I'm off to see this tomorrow and it's the last night of this one so go go go book your ticket and I'll see you there!

For more booking and info see here.