Beast Mode:

Beast – a rabid, wide-eyed, lunging, passionate animal.

Mode – a way, a manner, a discipline.

Beast Mode conveys POWER and ACTION. It embodies a way of operating. It conveys INTENT. These two words combined are meaningful because they convey how each of us would, ideally, prefer to approach our lives and goals with a rabid obsession. No more complacency. We’ve defined our purpose so we go out there and smash it! But how exactly does this relate to aerial dance? Good question.

So let’s talk about beast mode…

So my lovelies it’s time to get serious now. We’ve been dangling about making lots of pretty shapes and it’s been all so very lovely, and I must say I’m damn impressed with you all so far. But learning tricks is one thing, turning them into routines is a whole other level, and turning routines into shows that you want to feel proud to show off is going to take a whole new degree of strength, effort and determination to get there.

You’ve done it before so now you can do it again…

Remember not so long ago when you couldn’t even get up in the air? And now it’s like pah no problemos piece o cakeo… Ok so now when I tell you to get-up-there and stay-up-there and do-your-thang-up-there and like-don’t-come-down-until-your-four-minute-track-has-ended yar oh and not-forgetting-to-point-those-toes-and-all-that-jazz? (believe me one minute seems like a very long time when you’re hanging from one arm!) You can look me in the eye and say yep ok I can do this… I know that right now the thought of hanging up there for more than five tricks at a time probably feels nigh on impossible. But you can do it – it’s just another strength training curve you have to go through, like you did with the one before. So are you with me or what?…

Beliefs and Limits

When you first came to Skylab you probably believed you wouldn’t be able to get up in the air. This is your belief, this is your limit. And you smashed through those limits no problemos. But that was the easy stuff. Now we’re going for the next level and there may be more beliefs and limits hindering your progress set by your mind and body. But if you’re ready to go that extra mile we are going to smash through those too. Wanna know how we do it?

We turn on the Beast Mode Button

So here’s the thing. This is when we turn to something we call Beast Mode. Wtf I hear you say – I don’t wanna be no beast. Well yes you do chickadee because this is what’s going to get you through. So listen up and listen up good. Beast mode is when you gain access to a particular, inner warrior spirit, a sort of primal state of mind in which those psychological barriers don’t matter anymore because you are able to go deeper and harness your full potential.

You are in the zone

When in beast mode, you think about nothing else. You’re fully there in that moment. You’re not just on a mission, because YOU ARE THE MISSION and nothing else exists except the mission for that short period of time. When you go beast mode, you lose track of time, distractions and the people around you become secondary. You’re totally consumed by hypnotic trance, connected to something greater than yourself that helps you dig deeper and deeper into your primal power. There is no such thing as limits, doubts or fear; the only thing that exists at that moment is a magnified view of the task at hand and everything closely related to it. You execute what you have to do with the excitement of challenge and give your best by living that moment to the fullest.

Do Level One first and everything will be just peachy

Beast mode requires a certain level of experience. You must be near the top of the learning curve in what you’re doing before attempting it. You must know your routine and how to perform each trick properly. You need to have achieved a good level of control before you open the cage and let the beast free. In other words, this is the next level, so just make sure you did your homework and cleared level one first and everything is going to be just peachy.

How to get into beast mode

1.) Energy

Fuel up at least one hour before your workout and eat plenty of carbs and protein. Definitely make sure you stay hydrated – drink at least a litre of water during a session. Try to stay away from sugary foods that give you immediate energy but then make you crash and burn a short while later. And don’t forget to fuel up with a post snack afterwards.

2.) Excitement

You have to get excited about what you are going to do. It’s your special moment you have been building up to. It may sound silly but I have a few crazy rituals that I do to get me in the mood – for example: (1.) switch off phone (2.) do a breathing exercise to get calm and centred (feel the beast within) (3.) put on distinctive warrior apparel (to wake up your inner beast) such as head band, ninja boots, fave T shirt etc. yes I know you’re thinking she is taking the piss now but when you discover that the ninja headband works a treat you sure will want to use it too! (4.) hit Beast Mode playlist (5.) rosin up like there is no tomorrow (6.) get up there and truly kick ass like you never thought you could.

3.) Challenge

You cannot be bored if you want to go beast mode. You need to create a challenge. I mostly use beast mode when practicing a new routine for a show. It’s when you just about know what you are doing but you need to practice it over and over to get it perfect – to get all your lines clean and hit all those music cues. Switching to beast mode and then practicing the routine at least three times over usually does the act wonders.

4.) Momentum

As soon as your workout session has started, you must preserve a heightened momentum and focus. You must be 100% focused on your training and your training alone. Do not let anything stand in the way between you and your beast. This means no distractions – switch off the phone, the computer. Do not think about what you are going to have for dinner or what you want to wear later. Turn up the bass. Call in the beast and let the beast be your guide!

5.) Get in the zone

Overload your sense with everything that happens in the present moment. Focus on your breath to provide proper oxygenation, focus on your muscles getting pumped, focus on the alignment of your body, focus on the music. Above all focus on the music. If you are in a public place you might want to listen to music with headphones to cut off external noises to further enclose your focus and give yourself fully over to the work you’re doing. Afterwards feel the exhaustion of muscle fibres and welcome the pain as a reward for a job well done. Remember to cool down properly and give time for the adrenaline (and the beast) to leave your body.

Ever been in beast mode? Please post pics and comments of how it was for you. I would love to know!

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