How to get your meathook mojo on (and please excuse my weird looking arm in the pic above!)

Meathook is definitely one of those monstrous moves that requires a lot of dedication. You need tremendous grip strength, a power house of core strength, good shoulder strength, flexibility and good proprioception skills (awareness of where you are in space).

Btw for those who are going what the heck is a meat hook, it basically involves hanging from one arm upside down in a forward fold with a twist, and it looks killer cool.

Get your meathook mojo going by practicing related moves first.

In order to work on getting the meat hook it’s a good idea to practice some other moves relevant to the meathook so that the body strengthens, learns which muscles to engage until finally going for the grand daddy meat hook move.

These relevant moves include exercises such as the single arm hang, straddle hip raises, skin-the-cat, tic tocs, pike hold and windscreen wipers. If you master all of those then everything should all be hunky dory when it comes time to try out the dreaded hook!

So peeps let's get badass and let's go get you meat hooking like mad. Here's what you need to do.

1. Single arm hang. Makes sense that if you are going to be hanging upside down from one arm you need to first try it right side up. Practice hanging by one arm for as long as you can working up to 10 - 30 secs on both sides!

2. Straddle hip raises. (Or bum ups). This is to practice understanding where your hips need to be - no lazy bums please! Hips need to stay glued to the bar for a meathook so practice lowering and lifting the bum to the bar so that you understand the difference as well as strengthening the core.

3. Hip Raises to needle. Progressing the previous exercise by doing hip raises to needle and then if you're really getting into it, progressing that into L sit hip raises to needle.

4. Skin-the-cat. Doing these is a great way to practice moving around in pike as well as strengthening those abs when you pull back out of the movement.

5. Tic tocs. One of my favourite exercises for the meathook mojo! From a straddle invert (with your hips at the bar) shift one leg over to one side (must be behind the bar) to toe tap your other foot making sure you do both sides. When you do this for the first time it can be useful to have a spotter hold your hips until the muscles start to learn to engage.

6. Pike hold. Next up practice the pike fold with the twist with both arms on the bar. Be careful that you don’t fall out of this move (as you will possibly tear a lat or oblique muscle). It’s a bit awkward at first so go in gently and make sure you keep your hips high. This helps stretch the hamstrings and back muscles around the shoulder blades.

7. Meat hook crocodile tucks. This is a progression of the previous move and (another evil exercise) but again it’s to get those muscles really firing. Practice doing reps of tuck, crocodile snaps from the pike fold.

8. Windscreen wipers. Beware this is a tough one but nailing this will make meat hook seem like a piece of cake. It’s like the tic toc only with both legs together. Yes super evil I know. But it will increase your strength like loads. Try working up the reps on both sides.

9. Meat hook on both sides. Ok so if you’ve nailed the previous exercises and your meathook mojo is in full flow, you are more than ready to go for the final monster meathook. Make sure that you have a spotter there when you release the hand and go for the one arm hang. With all the work you've done so far it won’t seem quite so bad!

10. Meathooks and beyond. Now that you’re a meathook pro you may want to take it even further. So why not try learning dead hang to meathook, the meathook split, reverse meathook (or more commonly known as side planche) and become a meat hook master!

Did this help? Send me those meathook pics so I can see how you get along.

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