How much of an aerial freak are you?

Definition of an aerial freak

A person who behaves in a rather-irrational-possibly-considered-slightly-weird way by normal people due to the effects of excess amounts of training, doing aerial and generally hanging out at Skylab loads.

aerial freak

How much of

Basically you’ve come to class and before you know it you are completely and utterly absolutely hooked...

You realise you’ve discovered a new way to get fit that ranges from fun to downright hilarious, gets you stronger than you've ever felt before and lets face it the skills are pretty darn cool as well.

Hitting the realms of aerial freakdom

So if you are one of these people who just can’t get enough of aerial then yes that’s when you’ve won the title of aerial freak. So beware because your life will never be the same again. Aerial freakdom carries its own set of habits and includes some if not all of the following. You know that you are an aerial freak if you:

1.) Simply can’t wait for aerial class time to come around again - it's sort of the highlight of your week.

2.) Can’t stop looking at your hands at those new callouses (and feeling very proud of yourself) - same goes for any other bruise or aerial war wound.

3.) Stop going out for drinks at the pub on Friday and instead go to aerial class.

4.) Can’t stop looking at monkey bars / tube handrails thinking whether you can bust out a quick skinning the cat or straddle invert on them.

5.) Start dreaming of that move-you-want-to-nail at night all night.

6.) A week without training feels strange.

7.) Your Instagram is now full of new moves you can just about do.

8.) Start buying a wardrobe full of stretchy coloured leggings.

9.) Start spending all your spare time on U tube seeing what new moves you can possible try.

10.) Gym class will never be the same again - in fact sack the gym membership now it’s all about the pull up and the straddle inverts.

11.) Your mates at work think you’re a bit weird when you start mentioning that you can’t stay late at work because you have to go nail your reverse man on the moon / salto drop / whatever that new move is that you just simply can't wait to go try out.

12.) They also think you are a bit weird when you rock up with bruises and burns on the backs of your legs. And even weirder when you proudly announce that they are war wounds and totally worth it coz you kicked ass in your curly wurly or monkey roll.

Let me know if you have any other weird habits or things you do that determines how much of an aerial freak you've become in the comments below. I would love to hear what you do!