Our mission is to empower individuals to raise their fitness game and achieve more than they believe is possible by teaching the athletic skill of aerial dance.

Fitness should be awe-inspiring not a punishment.

Learning aerial dance is one of the most exciting and challenging, fun and inspiring ways to keep fit. Why?

1. Fast progress - the workouts use body weight training which means you get super strong, super fast, and get a sense of achievement even from your very first class.

2. Variety - no more boring exercises we teach incredible tricks and the variety is absolutely limitless.

3. Highly interactive -we teach with a spotter / flyer relationship which relies on human to human trust and thus the community that develops out of this is strong.

Aerial is for all.

We believe there is an aerial dancer in everyone provided there is access to the right teachers, the right environment and right community to develop the aerial potential within.

The success Skylab has achieved so far has been due to the fact that we care deeply about these three core components and are committed to providing:

1. Excellent teachers - all chosen for their passion for teaching, as well as high standard of aerial skills and their ability to communicate effectively.

2. Fun environment - with state of the art equipment and creative studio space means it’s a place where people feel inspired to hang out.

3. Supportive community - at the heart of Skylab is our community, and we’re known as the ‘friendliest’ studio in town. The brand is highly respected and dearly loved, and we’ve grown our tribe mainly by word of mouth alone.


We’re more than your average gym class.

We have developed an entire eco system of classes to help nurture even the most hesitant beginner up to the most adventurous aerialist to discover the aerial athlete within.

Our focus is threefold: to strengthen the body, develop better flexibility and teach aerial skills. Thus we have a wide range of classes so that there is something for all.

With this all inclusive attitude our future goals are to launch more classes catering to more types of people, including pre / post natal, mums at home, dancers, teens, youth and more.

We also love innovation and are always looking to bring a unique take on fitness to make it as fun as possible eg. our current hammock classes (Pop Fit and Pop Fly) with plans to pioneer aerial bungee fitness in London.

Creating a better world

We fully support one of the UN Goals for Sustainable Development which is to bring good health and well being to the world.

We are planning to partner with B1G1 Business for Good as we believe in being a catalyst for greater good. Which means that a percentage of our profits will go to charity to provide clean water in under privileged communities.


Aerial is not a destination it’s a way of life.

Skylab is still in it’s infancy but over the last four years has grown from a start up with no clients, to an oversubscribed full time studio, with a complete range of classes catering to all abilities.

With the launch of Skylab in Shoreditch we are very excited to expand on this by offering the following:

1. A greater range and volume of fitness, flexibility and aerial dance classes.
2. Provide a juice, coffee and snack bar.
3. Utilise the window space to create an inspirational setting for the community.
4. Run public events - showcases / art performances / pop ups / open days / fundraisers / guest workshops that will benefit the community.

We have bold plans for the future - to create an exciting hub of fitness and creativity at the Shoreditch space which will quadruple the business.

With further plans to scale Skylab to ten other cities by 2023 and transform us into a global enterprise.



Empowering individuals to discover the athletic skill of aerial dance.

Customer centric fitness, flexibility and aerial dance classes catering to all abilities.

Team of excellent teachers who can deliver the classes in a safe, fun and engaging way.

Bold, vibrant space that is both welcoming, inspiring and affordable to all.

Engaging public events that will benefit the community as a whole.

In support of UN Goals for Sustainable Development to bring good health and well being to the world.


Inspiring ways to keep fit
Challenging, fun workouts
Skill based exercise
Builds strength, flexibility and confidence fast
High teaching standards
Team building
Community centric

#Born To Fly


Founder Astra Beck (20 years experience in the circus industry / 4 years experience running Skylab)
Head of new business Jonathan Pearce (20 years experience in sales)
Lauren Hart admin assistant
Bolt Digital marketing partner
Team of ten teachers


Opened as a start up in March 2015
As of November 2018
1800+ clients on database
300+ active customers
800+ studio visits per month
2.4K+ website visits per month
3000+ facebook followers
1400+ instagram followers



1000 - 3000 square feet
4m minimum ceiling height
TFL zones 1 – 4 with Camden / Shoreditch areas preferred
A1 and D2 mixed usage preferred
Long term lease preferred (up to 10 years ideal)
Ground floor preferred

Facebook: Skylab Studio
Instagram: skylabstudiocamden

Astra Beck (Founder)
M: 07876440404

Jonathan Pearce (Head of New Business)
M: 07956308570