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Introducing the very wonderful and fabulous Amy!

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Amy is our Level 1 Hoop and Silks and Aerial Taster (Sunday) teacher. She specialises in hoop, wall walking, fire and dance. She has been performing for as long as she can remember and teaching since she was 17, when she trained as a fitness instructor and rehab trainer. She has taught many different types of classes and coached students for competitions and performances as well as just for fun. When teaching her focus is on each individual and what she can do to help them get the most out of each session. Her classes are all about having fun as well as giving you a challenge, and to build up your confidence, strength and teach you some cool tricks along the way. Check out her awesome showreel here.

And here’s a bit more background info on Amy…

Amy trained in dance and performance at Falmouth University and in the aerial arts in numerous places across Bristol and Cornwall. She also owns a circus company called Lavrak (see here for more info) which she has been running for nearly 3 years. Here’s what some of her previous students have to say:

‘Amy went out of her way to help and support us and we really could not have succeeded without her. We really cannot thank Amy enough.’

‘She is extremely experienced and knew exactly what was needed to fit my needs and help me to excel as an aerial performer.’

‘Liv absolutely loves circus class. She does tons of after school activities and circus class with Amy is by far her favourite.’

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Here is an interview I did with Amy where she tells us all about her aerial journey, the ups the downs, the what’s and the whys, the highlights and hopes and dreams for the future…

Have you always been into circus? For example did you do it as a kid? At what point did you decide circus was your thing? I have always been a dancer from a very young age, but discovered aerial while training as a dancer. I love being upside-down, so took to it straight away.

What is it about circus that you most like?

What made you get into aerial? I had a friend who ran a class in a small shed / studio in Cornwall. I went along one week, loved it, and trained every week from then on. The two of us then started up Lavrak (my company) a few years later.

What made you get into teaching? For me one of the most exciting things about circus is the exchange of tricks. I love being able to give people the tools to perform, and see them progress through tricks.

What’s your favourite apparatus and why? Hoop primarily; although, I really enjoy vertical dance and counterbalancing too. I am stronger than I am flexible and I think that influences my choice in apparatus.

What’s your fave move and why? Back balance; it makes me feel elegant, and it’s pretty comfortable… or as comfortable as it can get lying on a metal bar.

Do you have any advice for a newbie student starting out in aerial? Have fun! Keep finding the fun in it and it will be much more rewarding.

How would you describe your teaching style? Energetic and challenging. I always tailor my class to my students to ensure that each person leaves really feeling as though they have gained.

Why would you recommend doing aerial? Everyone that I know who has tried it has loved it. You will too!

What’s been the highlight of your aerial career so far? Yes, I’d like to build up my company to tour big productions, and of course continue teaching.

What’s on your bucket list of aerial things you would like to achieve? I would love to perform above the sea.

What’s been your best circus adventure so far? A show I am working on currently. My hoop is 10m high on a zip wire and we are working with counter weighting duets on hoop; it is my biggest challenge yet!

What’s been your worst circus adventure so far? My first ever gig; the hoop was half the size of what I had expected, and I had to stand on someone’s shoulders to mount it. It was very nerve racking.

What’s been your most embarrassing circus moment so far? My leotard ripped mid-show in a splits trick. Very embarrassing, I carried on.

Do you have any favourite circus shows you would love to share with us or performers who you highly admire? Pirates of The Carabina; Flown is a really fantastic show; playful, original and fantastically daring. Yskynna are a vertical dance company I have worked with. They are all lovely people and extremely inspiring performers.

 Can you tell us something surprising about yourself? I have 3 knuckles missing. It doesn’t affect my hand movement, but looks a bit funny.

Do you have any performers / people in your life who you highly respect and look up to who you see as major influencers in your life? Yes, my tutor Kuldip Singh-Barmi at Falmouth has been the most influential person to me. He is full of stories and has worked in many areas of the industry. He always expects the very best of people, and that has always driven me.

If you want to find out more about Amy check these links here:

Website  .  Facebook  .  Instagram  .  UTube

We hope you enjoyed hearing all about Amy’s aerial journey! Please like, share and comment, and if you want to experience some of Amy’s awesome teaching skills – come do class with her at Skylab!

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