In fact it’s essential in your aerial tool kit. Whatever discipline you are doing whether it’s hoop, silks, rope or even aerial yoga, you’ll soon discover that this move is used all the time as a way to climb, mount or transition into other moves. So there’s no way of getting round it – you simply have to nail it. Good, clean, sexy, straight leg straddle inverts are what you want to aim for.

Ten top tips for nailing that straddle invert…

1.) Make life easy for yourself and start in a short arm position, hands together in front of you at chest height.

2.) Take off cleanly and try to engage your core to lift yourself up rather than kick up off the floor.

3.) Beginners try the ‘froggie’ bent leg version. If you are struggling to get up – aim to get your feet onto the equipment and then invert from there. Yes you can kick up if you need to and yes use the equipment to hoick yourself into the inversion.

4.) Intermediates work on not using the equipment to get over, and also on getting your legs as straight as possible. Remember straight legs are sexy legs! If you are finding this impossible, work on your reverse invert (ie. lowering down) as this is easier (the slower the better). Once you’ve got the hang of that then work on the lift up.

5.) Advanced students need to work on aerial inverts – that’s straddle ups without using the floor. So start from a hanging position and lift up from there. If it’s impossible to do with legs straight – then go back to froggie legs and work from there until your strength improves.

6.) Remember once you are in the invert push your hips up so your invert will deepen. Otherwise your butt will look heavy and your straddle saggy (and let’s face it no one likes a saggy bum!).

7.) Work on your hamstring and hip flexibility to increase the wideness of your straddle. Do this on the floor in a seated straddle working your chest towards the floor or on your front with knees bent or lying on your back in straddle with your legs against a wall (you can also put very light weights on your ankles).

8.) Train your straddle inverts consistently as a conditioning drill, working up gradually to doing sets of ten. Put on your best training track for this and bam them out. Or better still come and join our Aerial Fit class, where you can be in a group environment and all work on it together. Much more fun! Click here to find out more.

9.) Relish and enjoy your straddle inverts – engage your core and your quads, think energy out the toes and laser beams out of your feet! (The first one is the hardest but they get more satisfying the better you get at them!)

10.) Yeah baby now we’re talking – that’s what I call a straddle like a mofo!… So now go and jump about and do your straddle victory dance because yes I think you’ve definitely earned it.