My top ten super power smoothies

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Smoothies - the best way I know to nourish and replenish

Smoothies are one of the best ways I have found to get my body fully nourished and fuelled ready for some hard core training. If possible I like to have one about an hour before class and then one after class. Usually I just make one large one - and then drink half before and half later. I don't really stick to exact ingredients as it's more a case of what I am in the mood for and what is in the fridge (or cupboard).

Go organic - you are worth it

Always make sure you use organic ingredients wherever possible. This is much more important when it comes to smoothies (than say regular meals) since you are pretty much drinking all the content raw and if it's not organic then you are simply ingesting lot's of toxic chemicals. I use a Nutri bullet as I find it is so quick and easy to clean, and I like to drink all of the fruit and veg (a juicer will extract the fibre from it and just leave you well with the juice).

How to make a smoothie

As a general rule of thumb I use almond milk as a base (or coconut water if it's a green juice) and then add two or three fruits (or fruit and veggie combos if it's green). I usually always add a tablespoon of coconut oil and some hemp protein powder as a staple, and then any other super food or taste sensation I feel like. I also tend to favour either avocado or banana (or even both) since these provide loads of energy. I always have a few go to ideas in my head such as the green juice, the peanut butter and banana,  different berry combos, a chocolatey one if I need a sort of comfort drink and then more of a health tonic if I am feeling a bit under nourished. Anyway I have listed some ideas below so that you have something to start with. Best way is to have some fun and come up with your own concoctions and ideas...

Smoothies in summer, soups in winter...

One other thing to note (and this I guess is a personal thing) is that my body doesn't like the cold - so I do struggle with the smoothies in winter - since everything is refrigerated it's waaaay too cold. So I tend to go for warming soups or instead adding some hot water to the smoothie or sometimes just using extra ginger helps. Anyway main thing is to listen to your body - same like you would during aerial class! Tune into what it needs and make sure you are feeding it with good nutrition.

My top ten super food smoothie concoctions

  skylab studio 2 skylab studio 3 skylab studio 4 skylab studio 5 skylab studio 8 skylab studio 11 skylab studio 10 skylab studio 9 skylab studio 6 skylab studio 7 So there you have it - just looking at all those yummy drinks makes my body crave them - so I'm gonna have to go and smoothie power up now!! I hope you find inspiration and if you have any smoothie recipes that you just lurrrve - please let me know as I'm always up for trying out new concoctions!