Why it’s good to have a training buddy or group

Training partners or groups hold you accountable

training partner


You can encourage each other along. There will be days when you absolutely don't feel like training - you'll be tired, or sore or both and the thought of lifting one foot off the floor seems like an ordeal, let alone full body weight. Or it may be raining or cold and you really don't feel like hitting the gym. That's when a group or a buddy focussed on similar training goals is the best thing to keep you focussed, motivated and right on track.

You’ll show up

Hitting snooze and skipping a workout is a lot harder when you know you’ve got a pal waiting at the studio or gym for you. 'The biggest benefit of exercise and with a partner is that your motivation extends outside yourself—you’re obligated to maintaining not only your own exercise schedule but also your partner’s,' says John Raglin, Ph.D., a professor of kinesiology at Indiana University. His advice - pair up with a friend, colleague, or acquaintance you care about. 'They need to be important enough in your life so that missing a scheduled exercise session with them would be something you’d feel bad about,' he says.

Finding that competitive spirit

Training or working out with someone who is better than you can help you kick it up a notch. Having a buddy or group who’s about 40 percent fitter than you can rev up your competitive nature and make you go longer and harder than you might otherwise. 'Exercise partners of unequal fitness or motivation can work out well because often the one who is less fit looks to the other/s to be a source of motivation,' says Raglin.


Training partners or training groups can play cheerleaders, boosting you along with words of encouragement which makes you exercise more than if you were on your own.

You’ll boost your mood

Research has shown that people enjoy exercise more with a friend in tow or in a group, as it can help you to relax too. People who worked out with a friend felt more calm and less stressed afterward than those who worked out solo, found research from Santa Clara University.

Less ‘Work’ More Fun

Aerial class can be tough. Especially if you are under slept or haven’t been super consistent with your training. Going for that third attempt at a straddle or pike hold can seem daunting, maybe even impossible. Having a friend / group to empathise with and encourage you between attempts can make a big difference to your motivation and ability to succeed, not to mention keep you from taking yourself too seriously with jokes and quips. After all, aerial class is meant to be fun!

Working in pairs is more fun

You can do partner stretching - or you can boost or help each other with any of those niggling not so easy to do moves. You can also remind each other what to do and how to do it properly. Oh and of course you have someone there to take awesome Instagram worthy pics of you doing all this weird and wonderful stuff!

Welcome to the Kickstarter group

So that's partly what the Kickstarter group is all about. Finding a like minded, positive, encouraging group of people all focussed on reaching the same goals. We're all in this together right - so let's be that support for each other. I also encourage you to find people who you click with on the course itself - and maybe you'll want to continue outside of the Kickstarter time. Air Time at Skylab is the perfect place if you want to come and fit in an extra hour of training on the equipment. Maybe you find a buddy or maybe a few of you want to to team up and come together...